Italian Day at Sandy Bay 2015: THANK YOU!


Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters,

A few days ago, we closed the accounting related to the last edition of our charity market, The Italian Day at Sandy Bay, held on December 5th, 2015.

Despite the rain and the bad weather, it has been really once more an overwhelming, huge success! We are glad to announce that the money raised through our 2015 edition of our fundraising event was

HKD 1,088,000

This incredible result has been possible thanks to your generous contribution and support! The sales generated by the market, the cash donations and the attendance at our Gourmet Corner allowed us to reach this outstanding amount despite all odds!

We are glad to announce that we have already allocated HKD1,083,400 of the raised funds in support of various charities and organization that we have carefully selected (in alphabetical order here below):

· Bethel China

· Children’s Medical Foundation

· Christian Action Domestic Helpers/Migrant Workers

· Christian Action Refugees

· Cradle of Hope Macao

· Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital at Sandy Bay

· Food Angel

· Homecare for girls

· Home of Loving Faithfulness

· Little Sisters of the Poor

· ‘Missionaries of Charity’- Sisters of Mother Teresa

· Missione Possibile Hong Kong

· New Day Asia

· St. Barnabas society and home

· The Mekong Club

· Watchdog

The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, fundraiser for the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital will be the main beneficiary of this event: we will sponsor HKD 500,000 to purchase three new items of medical equipment. We will also allocate funds for direct sponsorship of medical expenses related to individual cases of children coming from low-income families. These families do not have the means to pay for such complicated operations, which are often extremely urgent and life-saving. During the year, the hospital will submit these cases to our attention, so that we can study them and consequently offer our financial support.

All the other above listed organizations will receive funds that will allow them to carry on important projects, that have been previously presented to us for our approval.

Please check this document for detailed information: you will be able to see, for each organization and project, how the money has been allocated.

We are truly thankful to be able to help so many children, homeless, refugees, migrant workers, handicapped and elderly people. We are humbled by this very important mission and very proud of our achievements.

On Behalf of all of us and all the members of The Italian Women’s Association,

Our heartfelt THANK YOU!

IWA Executive Committee, IWA Sandy Bay Team and IWA Charity Chair