Cosa Facciamo

It is of primary importance for the IWA to organise occasions for gatherings, both for women who have just arrived in Hong Kong and who are pleased to share ideas within our ‘small Italian community’, and for members who wish to meet regularly and take part in the various activities.

We also welcome all foreign ladies who wish to speak our language and share our experiences.

In this regard, we always try to propose new events, and we welcome any suggestions and proposals from members, so that what we do may turn even more dynamic and interesting.


At this link link,  Our Charities 2019 is the updated information regarding the sponsorship to the many charities that will receive our substantial support in 2018, with the specification of the various projects. All this has been possible thanks to the tireless work and dedication of the ladies of The Italian Women’s Association.

We would like to underline that the Association works very ‘hands on’ with these charities, and during the year, when the need arises, we intervene with practical help on a number of special cases.

Here below, our sponsorships for the previous years:

– Our Charities 2018 
– Our Charities 2017

We are also very pleased to inform you that IWA has been nominated, in 2019 and for the eight consecutive year, a ‘Caring Organisation’, for its incredible charity involvement in Hong Kong society.

Caring Company 2019 Hong Kong

If you wish to make a donation, please send your money via PayPal system by clicking the bottom here below. Please remember to specify the donation amount in the ‘Item Price’ box. Alternatively, if you wish to make a cheque donation, we’d appreciate if you could inform us by writing to: treasurer@iwa.org.hk

Thank you!

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Please always keep an eye at the ‘Events‘ section, where you will find a detailed list of all our monthly appointments. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@iwa.org.hk should you have any interesting suggestion or idea!


Always keep an eye at the ‘Events’ section. Here, you will be able to find out the interesting walks and hikes that we periodically organize to discover Hong Kong, its nature and its places.

Please contact us if you have any interesting itinerary to propose: info@iwa.org.hk

Thank you!


The ‘Book Club’ is a recurring monthly appointment and it is the meeting place for book lovers. The books, written by Italian or foreign authors, are read in Italian and are selected in advance by the participants, so that they can be eventually purchased in Italy. ‘The Book Club’ is a place to converse about books while sipping a coffee, and it often attracts many new members. The meetings are hosted at members’ homes or coffee places, and every time a small contribution for charity is collected. You will find a detailed description of each meeting in our ‘Event’ section.

Book Club