Sandy Bay Hong Kong

In December 1983 was held the first “Day in Sandy Bay”, a charity fair during which produces kindly donated by Italian companies are sold. Since then, this charity event has always had the purpose of raising funds to support the projects of the Duchess of Kent Pediatric Hospital, which specialises in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological and degenerative diseases. The hospital was founded by the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children in the mid-1950s.

The funds raised during the day have always allowed the hospital to sponsor free medical services for disabled children in need, to renovate wards, and to purchase specialist surgical equipment. In addition to helping the Children’s Hospital, the funds raised during this event are allocated to other charities in Hong Kong and Macao, in need of our help and whose projects are selected by IWA’s board every year with great attention.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19, the hospital is not anymore qualified to host major events, so it is since the 2021 edition that Il Mercatino has been held at PMQ, the historical venue in Hong Kong.

ll Mercatino di Iwa remains over the years an important charity event for the Italian and local community, thanks to the people who participate, the companies that donate the products, the volunteers who help us sell them and the institutions that support us.