The Italian Women’s Association (IWA) is a non-profit organization, registered in Hong Kong since 1996, which operates in the field of charity. The Association welcomes Italian women or not, interested in our friendship, language, culture and the various activities that we offer every month. We organize many events: social gatherings and cultural activities, playgroups for children, excursions, lectures, ‘ coffee mornings ‘, etc. Through these events, all members – and the ladies recently arrived in Hong Kong – are able to meet regularly in a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the IWA also often collaborates with various organizations and other associations of women in Hong Kong.

In addition to social gatherings, the ultimate goal of our Association is to raise funds for various charities in Hong Kong and Macao, which need our support to finalize a number of important projects. The amazing results achieved in recent years, and the impact of the funds donated by us, show our dedication and our growing commitment to the needy people.

The constant activity and growth of our Association is a clear example of how the presence of women in society is increasingly influential and significant today.

To become part of this active and dynamic group of women, a membership fee of HKD 500 is required. This fee is completely donated to charity and it is tax-deductible. Please fill in the form found on this link and send it to: treasurer@iwa.org.hk

Lista of IWA Presidents who have completed at least one year mandate, from 2005 :

2005-06 Anna Waung
2006-07 Anna Waung
2007-08 Anna Waung
2008-09 Paola Caronni
2009-10 Paola Caronni
2010-11 Paola Caronni
2011-12 Aparna Sordi
2012-13 Paola De Antonellis
2013-14 Michela Bardotti
2014-15 Michela Bardotti
2015-16 Michela Bardotti
2016-17 Mariapaola Paiola
2017-18 Alessandra Cocchi                                                                                                2018-19 Alessandra Cocchi